We anticipate that many of you will have questions; so here are the most common questions and answers:

Why Do Kids Need Chiropractic?
Great Question! Kids deserve every opportunity to express the greatness that is within them. Many of the challenges we see in adults have a start in childhood. There are many factors today in the lives of kids that can and do create obstacles to normal development and function. So the younger we can correct these causes, the greater the opportunity to put your child on the right track for an amazingly healthy life!

Experience a drug-free approach to health!

Proper spinal care is essential for you and your child’s health.

Can I Be Adjusted While Pregnant?
Absolutely! In fact we encourage both parents to adopt chiropractic as a part of a healthy lifestyle even before they conceive. But if you are already pregnant, chiropractic care is very beneficial during pregnancy. Not only does chiropractic care allow the mother to feel her best during the pregnancy but it also her own nervous system to be balanced and functioning well, relieving stress and tightness in her body. This can optimize the entire pregnancy and birth process.

Why Should I See A Chiropractor?
As part of a health-minded approach, you have probably had your teeth checked, your vision checked, your hearing checked and perhaps many other check-ups as well. However, most people draw a blank when asked about a spinal check-up. Yet this could be the most important check-up you and your child could ever have. You see you live your life through your nervous system (brain, spine, spinal nerves). Your nervous system is like the computer central command center for your entire body. It must be in proper communication and balance with every cell, tissue, organ, nook and cranny of you. Only a chiropractor is specifically trained to detect and correct deviations away from normal with your nervous system.